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1Deep-L & Deepness - Nexxt level (Original mix)
2Deep-L & Deepness - Calling the shadows (Original mix)
3Deep-L & Deepness - Grooveness (Original mix)
4Deep-L & Deepness - Wake up and smile (Original mix)
5Deep-L & Deepness - Survival (Original mix)
6Deep-L & Deepness - Employee of the month (Original mix)
7Deep-L & Deepness - More than music (Original mix)
8Deep-L & Deepness - We are elegant (Original mix)
9Deep-L & Deepness - Music for sick people (Original mix)
10Deep-L & Deepness - Not human (Original mix)

Music for sick people (Album)(DIS024)

Music for Sick people, is the second album of the argentine duo. This new project brings a wild experience in the own elements of the underground movement. Is a pure transition work, that mixes the crazy and dark progressions of Deep-L, with more atmospheric and percussive phases by Deepness. Music For Sick People was produced and edited in the studio by Deep-L and Deepness. Mastering by Pangea Mastering with the distribution of Believe Digital.

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